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//Art Exhibit

Jacki Kellum’s Biography

Jacki Kellum is a visual artist who teaches painting in Linwood and is the Linwood Library’s childrens librarian. Many people who are familiar with Jacki’s art recognize her as a colorist who paints loosely and flamboyantly, but most people do not realize that before she begins to paint anything in her typically free and fanciful manner, Jacki often does realistically detailed and intricate pencil drawings of her subject matter. She does this to increase her understanding of the subject, which is a necessity in allowing her to paint watercolor in a bolder and more spontaneous style.

After her home and studio burned in Mississippi, Jacki Kellum moved to Linwood and did not paint for years. Her painting Zebra Gets A Ride, which is a painting of the Ocean City Boardwalk Carousel, is representative of Kellum’s return to painting and fine art.

Stop in the library to see Jackie’s exhibit which is currently on display.