The Linwood Public Library offers a mobile site that is easy to navigate and can help connect you with the apps that will allow you to be at the library without being in the library.  Take a look at all you can do from your mobile device. If you have any questions on how to manage the mobile site or these apps please do not hesitate to contact the library.


Destiny Quest App:
Connect to the catalog, manage your library account & more.  You will need to create an account in the library catalog.  Once you have your username & password set, download the Destiny Quest App.  When prompted to “Connect to your Library”, enter this URL “” and choose Connect.  At the “Get Started” screen enter your User ID (username) and Password that you created in the catalog.  Now choose “Try Destiny Quest.”

OverDrive: Download audiobook and ebook titles by first downloading the OverDrive app.  At the top right of the app, choose “get books”.  Then choose “Add a Library”.  Enter the Linwood zip-code “08221” and tap on “Search”.  The top result should be “Linwood Public Library”  tap on that.  now choose “South Jersey Library Cooperative”.  If you have an Adobe account, you will want to go to settings at the bottom of the app and enter your Adobe Authorization Information.  If you are interested in downloading Kindle titles, you will want to download and authorize the Kindle App.  To borrow a book you are interested in reading, you will need to log in.  Choose “Linwood Public Library” and then enter your library card number (P####) make sure to include the P and if your card number is less than four digits add a 0 to the beginning of it. To Go First go to and create a free account.  Then download the app.  You will need to login with the account you just created to access the features of the app.

EbscoHostEbscoHostDownload the app and then go to the library’s mobile site and click on this link to authenticate your device.  You will have to authenticate your device every six months.